Tuesday, April 14, 2009

stuff that's hard

I'm not good at sticking with stuff that's hard. I tend to start things then not see them through. Here is a list of things I've started and not really finished to my satisfaction.
  • guitar lessons
  • bass guitar lessons
  • voice lessons (yes, I got a degree, but more on that later)
  • blogging (see how sometimes I try again?)
  • working out (i'm back on this one, and so far so good)
  • losing weight (see above)
  • pyramid schemes (this was a bad idea. it's good I bailed)
  • writing thank you notes
  • cleaning up immediately after cooking
I get all fired up about something new. Then days, weeks, or months (ok sometimes a few minutes) go by and I've forgotten about it completely. Blogging is a good example. Last October I discovered a whole bunch of blogs by fellow parents I found inspiring, motivating, funny, and generally awesome. So I thought, hey, I could do THAT. So I started a blog. Because it was free, and because I could. I wrote a few posts. They were pretty lame. I couldn't think of much to write besides "hey, look, I have a blog!" So that petered out after a few weeks.

Today I'm starting again. We'll see how it goes.

I was inspired in part by two amazing people and the unbelievable community of love and support that has grown up around them. They are parents. They blog. They're on Twitter (I'm on Twitter to. @badassdad05. Come find me and say hi.) They're funny and warm and open and generally awesome. They are Heather and Mike Spohr. You can read about them on their blogs The Spohrs Are Multiplying and The Newborn Identity. Be forewarned, it gets pretty sad. Last week they lost their little girl Maddie, 17 months old. Lisa and I went to the memorial service today, and it was beautiful and positive and completely emotionally exhausting. I'm really glad we went, but man it was rough. And I'd never met Maddie. So I can't begin to imagine what her family is experiencing. Well, maybe I can begin to imagine it, but then I really want to stop imagining it because it's horrible.

So, I've decided that if they can stand up at their daughter's funeral and say things that are funny and moving and poignant then I can write a few words now and then. And pick up my guitar more often. And practice songs I don't already know.

We'll see how it goes.



  1. Oh, this is a wonderful post. Gave me chills, really. Thanks for the nudge and the reminder. Thanks Michelle (whitetrashmom)

  2. Very nice post. Looking forward to more!

  3. Horray! Subscribing now!

    Oh, and welcome to the crazy world of blogging... again.


  4. I was there too and I will concur that I was enirely impressed by the fact that they got up and said what they did without falling apart. They are stronger than I. Glad to see you blogging. Check out mine sometime:
    http://ipitw.blogspot.com and http://hotdads.blogspot.com
    Twitter: TentCamper

  5. I was there too! Sorry we missed meeting each other. I am Tentcmapers better half. It was a beautiful service and I was in awe of Heather and Mikes composure. Simply perfect

  6. So nice to meet you today, and I, like you, am in complete and total awe of Heather, Mike, and their family. Truly inspiring people.

    And even though we only met for a moment, I hope to continue to read more here.

  7. WHOO HOO! Glad to see you're giving it a second go 'round. Nice to meet you and Linda today, perhaps we will meet again under much better circumstances, like hanging out at the ghetto Macy's.

  8. Michael, that was beautiful and poignant. I will be here reading!

  9. Thank you for reading and for you kind comments. To those I missed meeting yesterday, I look forward to another chance under happier circumstances.

    Now, I guess there should be a post #2? I'm setting the bar very low, FYI.

  10. Great first post. If you go on to nothing else, at least you came in AND went out with a bang.

    But I'll be looking forward to your next post. Maybe something about writing thank you notes? I still have unsent ones from my sons birth in May of 2007. :P

  11. Like I said last night, but couldn't comment, AWESOME. You know we'll help try to keep you motivated.

  12. They are an inspiration, definitely.

  13. Sometimes seeing how it goes is all we can do! Glad to have you back on board with blogging and even more glad to have met you yesterday. :-)

  14. Hurrah for beginnings! I'll keep reading!


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