Sunday, May 17, 2009

kid's eye view

Owen loves taking pictures. Lately he loves taking pictures with my phone. We bought a new digital camera recently and offered Owen our perfectly good but somewhat older one. He wants nothing to do with it. He wants my phone. Of course, when not being used as a camera, my phone also doubles as a lightsaber, so can you blame him really?

Here are a few of the shots Owen took this weekend.

Starbucks with Dad


Little brother's snacks

Little brother

Little brother!!!




  1. awesome pictures. I love how kids look at things.

  2. This was so good. Makes me laugh Mason 3 1/2 does the same thing. And he loved the lightsaber too that is until my stupid speakers stopped work sigh. Stupid water sensor. =-) Good post.

  3. I let Gabriel take pictures too. He's got his own photo set and everything.

  4. Hahaha, that's brilliant! Random kid perspectives are great :)

  5. great idea... but whenever i give jackson the phone to take a picture, he eats the phone.

    me thinks owen has a knack for photography... and fighting with a light saber.

  6. Dude, if he was a girl, I'd ask him to write for Photo Bliss.

    Just sayin.

  7. These are awesome. Love the little toes!

    And yes, its the draw of the iPhone for sure.

  8. I just love all the headless shots, he's quite the talent :). The toes are to die for...

    So, my son is begging me on a daily basis ... to get an iPhone for that light saber feature. Like I really need that for work ;).

  9. He's got a better eye than many adults. :-)

  10. I love those kid shots. My older boy is obsessed with photos too (and my iPhone) Some of his photos are so cool, I want to frame them.

  11. Along the lines of Maura's comment, I'd say he has a better eye than me!


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